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Envriomental Issues Affect All Our Futures


There are many varieties of life on earth. The variety is often referred to as biological diversity and includes; plants, animals, microorganisms, the large diversity of genes in species, deserts, rainforest and coral reefs. It will take appropriate strategies to maintain these important natural cultures in our world.

Biodiversity boosts ecosystem productivity where all species have an important role to play. This includes having a larger number of plant species so we are able to produce a larger variety of crops. When the biodiversity is strong it will support life in all forms and also enable life to recover easier from a variety of disasters. When biodiversity declines it is a concern for many reasons that will affect everyone.

Diversity in Wildlife

There is a decline in the world’s largest carnivores; lions, leopards, bears and wolves. The reason for this decline is due to lose of habitats and hunting by humans. These large carnivores have an important role in the ecosystem biodiversity. With the loss of a large carnivore means their prey will now increase which could result in the deterioration of the surrounding environment as they will now graze more freely and deplete various vegetation varieties.

The importance of the bee

Bees are responsible for the fruits and vegetables we all enjoy every day. It is estimated one third of all food would not exist without the pollination done by the honeybee. They are the primary species that fertilizes food producing plants. In recent years there has been a dramatic reduction of the honeybee mostly caused by humans. There are approximately 130,000 different plants and trees that depend on the honeybee for pollination making them a vital role in biodiversity. The cause for their decline is suspected to be due to a combination of diseases, environmental pollution and environmental degradation.

Marine Ecosystem

The killing of whales has caused controversy among fishermen and environmentalists. The impact of reducing the whale population caused the killer whales to begin preying on younger whales and other animals like the seals. When the seal population declined they began targeting otters and the chain reaction of less otters caused urchins the otters targeted to flourish. The end result was fish larvae were able to grow which became easy pickings for sea life causing the decline in fishing and the fisherman’s livelihoods being destroyed.

There are clear cases where the ecosystems have inter-related issues and come together to cause an unhealthy environment. It is vital to our health and the health of our world we work to address the short comings we are creating in our economic systems.


Best Hosting Providers for your Website


In this article, we will take a look at the best network service providers that are currently available and will outline their benefits for the end user.

Web hosting hub is designed for Individuals that want to build their own websites and features services for smaller businesses. They offer a good choice for those who want a cheap and effective service through a selection of shared hosting plans.


iPage is another popular site that has been used as a way in which to create cheap hosting for small businesses and for personal usage. The reason why iPage has become popular is because it has a wide range of features and also manages to keep its costs low. It also has a great user interface and offers control panels that are very user-friendly. A variety of tools are available and these can be used by the customer to design and maintain their account.

Host Metro

Host metro offers cPanel hosting that is cheap and affordable. This service is ideal for small businesses and individuals. Host Metro is known for including a price lock within its prices which guarantees that the cost does not fluctuate over time or before renewal is needed.


Greengeeks is a hosting provider that focuses on creating an all-purpose hosting service and is currently considered to be one of the best in this area. This can be seen by the fact that it hosts over 100,000 different websites which are spaced out around 150 countries. The website also offers a selection of hosting plans and allows customers the ability to manage their account easy and effectively.


Bluehost is another hosting provider that has been designed to create an all-purpose hosting service. They do this by offering a level of performance that is solid and rich in features. This hosting provider is slightly more expensive than many of the other providers, but will offer a lower price when you sign up for a longer term.


These are a selection of the best hosting providers and will offer everything that you need to get your websites off the ground. Get in touch with them today to find out what else they can offer.