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The rise of eCommerce shopping as human behavior changes


In February 2013, United Parcel Service conducted a survey among 3000 participants. 70% stated that they preferred getting their items from their favorite eCommerce shopping site. This is generally the trend everywhere. So why is the 21st century consumer more inclined to order things online than from a physical retail store?

Here’s what it is

A good percentage of consumers ordering items online are those who want to keep their customer identity discreet. This is very common among individuals who order medicine online because they are suffering from a condition the society considers embarrassing. Rather than going through the intimidation of facing an over-the-counter purchase experience, they feel secure doing it online.

Also, it’s a known fact that the mobile device error has contributed to the rise of eCommerce shopping. These days, the number of people accessing the internet using a mobile device is far beyond that which is attributed to desktop users.

People want to do their business on the go, even where shopping is concerned. That’s the main reason eCommerce shopping sites have designed their websites to accommodate this growing trend.

Also, it is a known fact that eCommerce shopping is now becoming even more convenient than traditional brick and mortar shopping with as an example of heartland eCommerce Portal. The act of browsing goods in variety at the comfort of one’s home not only appeals to the consumer, but it also saves energy and time they would have used to visit a physical store. As a result, many consumers who have tried online shopping at least once become hooked up to the cycle.

The challenge

Research has indicated that a small fraction of those who shop online will be disappointed with shipping and delivery stage of their shopping.

When online shoppers are asked to rank their experience in shopping online, they point out a number of issues. Some of them include flexibility of choosing a shipment date, time, or the option of re-routing their orders.

Nevertheless, these are minor concerns that have not kept the modern consumer from ordering items online.

With good internet speeds and access to mobile devices that can do the job easily, rate of online shopping is expected to rise even higher. Also, considering the fact that some eCommerce shopping sites are now making changes in their policies to allow customers the flexibility of returning products to their physical stores, more consumers are feeling confident that this is the next big thing in the shopping arena.

3 Things You Didn’t Know About The Gluten Free Diet


The gluten free diet seems to be gaining quite a bit of popularity lately, and because of that, you might find yourself feeling curious as to what it really is. Why do people eat only gluten free foods? What is it that makes them decide to do that, and what are the kinds of foods that they can still eat? If you are wondering any of these questions, then you should read on.

1. What Is Gluten Free?

Gluten free is something more than a fad. It is the way that many people have to eat because of the way that their bodies react to gluten.

2. Many Foods Are Gluten Free, But Caution Is Still Advised

Those who are on the gluten free diet in Singapore can eat rice, corn and other gluten free grains, while they avoid wheat, rye and barley. When looking for foods to eat when on the gluten free diet, they have to be very careful. There are some brands that cross contaminate their foods when producing them, and that means that there is a risk that there could be some gluten in a product that does not actually have gluten listed as an ingredient. A lot of brands now list their products as being gluten free, and that is very helpful to those on this diet, because it means that they have been inspected and they know that the amount of gluten that the products contain is nothing or next to nothing.

3. Celiac Disease And Gluten Sensitivity

From Celiac disease, to gluten sensitivity, to wanting to do this for their health’s sake, people choose to eat on the gluten free diet for all kinds of reasons. Some people’s bodies just can’t take gluten, and that is why they have to avoid it completely.

So, if you have been curious about what gluten free really is, then all of the above should explain it pretty well for you. The next time that you see a gluten free product in the store you will now know why it has been labeled that, and why people are needing to eat it.

Japan’s Claim of “Scientific Whaling” has Nothing to do with Science- Only Profit


In 1986 the International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling. This was done as an attempt to conserve the whale species that were getting close to extinction. The ban has not deterred the hunters; whales are still being killed across the world’s oceans.

Japan is one of those hunting whales in defiance of the ban. They plan to kill 333 minke whales a year they are claiming will be used only for research. This number is two-thirds the number they normally took. They have taken a break from hunting whales for one year; however, do have plans in place to resume in 2016. This is planned despite the International Court of Justice stating they should stop. Japan’s response to the Courts ruling is that they have done their best to comply with the criteria set by the Court, and have decided to continue with their research as they dispute the Courts jurisdiction over “living resources of the sea.”

Japan’s IWC Commissioner, Joji Morishita says the international community is just going to have to live with their decision to continue hunting whales. He feels they have justified their research plans and will have to “agree to disagree” being the solution between them, the Court and the whaling communities. He further stated they are limiting their numbers they will take as they too want a healthy whale population. Japan contends that most whale species are not endangered and that eating whale meat is part of their culture; therefore will continue with “scientific whaling” as they have since 1987.


“Scientific Whaling” quite simply put is the commercial whaling done under the disguise of science. The countries issue their own catch limits and little if any scientific information is gained through it. This process was set up in 1946 at the whaling convention that allowed whales to be hunted for scientific purposes.

  • With a scientific whaling permit the meat must be used, sold or given away. This basically makes it a license to sell whale meat.
  • The whaling permit is granted by the country who applied for it; therefore Japan can approve their permits.
  • Most countries that kill whales for science are mostly the same ones who create markets for whale meat.

The whaling community is not satisfied with Japan’s response and is considering legal action. Australia and 32 other nations are opposing the Japanese whaling expedition that set out last week. There is talk they may take Japan back to the International Court to halt their hunting. Commonwealth lawyers have little hope a fresh case will make any difference in this dispute as Japan has decided to withdraw from the court’s jurisdiction. The Turnbull government may also be planning to have aircraft surveillance in place to monitor Japan’s fleet which recently left.

The idea this controversy is over “scientific” whaling seems absurd. There does not appear to be anything related to science in the hunting and killing of these majestic animals. This is purely a commercial hunt which would produce financial gains. The Japanese do not have a “culture” of eating whale meat as even the top whaling negotiator; Komatsu Masayuki states he never tried the meat until he took on the job as negotiator. This outrage and the attempts to stop the hunting should be addressed as a “saving the whale” project against hunting them; without any reference to science. It is an environmental issue not a right for or against the study of science.

Braces and Its Uses


This type of dental mechanism is used to straighten and align the teeth in relation to and individual`s jaw structure while also helping to improve dental health. Braces are placed in such a way as to apply constant pressure over time and move the teeth into the required positions. The procedure helps to loosen the tooth structure upon which a new bone grows in support of the new position. Most medical practitioners refer to this as Bone Remodelling.

In recent times, braces have increasingly become popular in Singapore as a solution for enhancing overall cosmetic appearance and the structure of the teeth as well. Furthermore, most people prefer braces since it is a rather painless procedure and affordable at the same time. Another advantage is that one can drink and eat while wearing the braces. However, one should avoid certain foods such as processed sugar foods, gum and potato chips amongst many others.

A good practice meant to prevent any damage to the tooth; the braces are typically worn for more than a year with minor adjustment made every week in relation to the patient`s comfort zone and dentist recommendations.


Braces can be either for structural purposes or cosmetic purposes. In most cases, dental braces are used in combination with other orthodontic appliances to help correct malocclusions, crooked teeth, over/under bites and myriad forms of jaw and teeth flaws common to most people. Different types of braces come with as many different fitting procedures to accommodate all aspects of your tooth alignment and health needs. In some instances, young patients and children and adults are required to wear the headgear appliance as part of a necessary treatment procedure to prevent teeth from moving.

Some of the prevalent types that you might come across include:

  • Traditional metal wired
  • Titanium
  • Gold plated stainless steel
  • Lingual

Heartland Home Shopping Has Made Shopping Easier For You


Let’s face it, shopping is fun but sometimes it can be tiresome and weary for you because you might get caught up at work.

Maybe you’re too busy with school work and you cant afford to “waste” an hour or two to go shopping.

But at the same time you still need to buy things and products for yourself and household…

Thanks to the internet and phones, things have been made easier for you and it is giving you an opportunity of shopping online.

It’s actually easier to shop online because you just need to select or order what you want and within few minutes.

You get your product delivered right to your doorstep.

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It’s simple to shop at Heartlands just by following these few simple steps:

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