Benefits of Tempered Glass

When you are thinking about replacing your windows, or adding other glass panels in your home, tempered glass is the ideal choice. You will appreciate its benefits.


Tempered glass Singapore is often referred to as safety glass for a reason. When standard glass breaks, the glass breaks into small shards. The tiny shards can easily lodge in your skin, cause pain and bleeding, and are difficult to remove.

You will not have this concern when you choose tempered glass. If it does break, it breaks into round pieces. They will not become stuck in your skin, so there is little risk of injury from broken glass.


Tempered glass is much stronger than standard glass. There is less likelihood that your window or panel will break at all. The glass is made to be strong, so you may never need to replace a broken panel.


Even the strongest glass can break, but it is less inconvenient when tempered glass breaks according to When standard glass breaks, there are large quantities of tiny shards that are extremely difficult to clean up. It is a time-consuming chore with the added risk of injury. The shards can also ruin your broom or your vacuum.

In contrast, cleaning up tempered glass is a quick, easy process. It will not damage your vacuum or broom, and you do not need any special cleaning supplies. It is a simple task that you can take care of within minutes.

Heat Resistance

As tempered glass resists heat, your home will be cooler. This is a special advantage during the summertime. As you will not need to use the air conditioner as much, you will have lower home energy bills.


Tempered glass can help keep your home or deck private. First, as it is difficult to break, it will reduce your risk of intruders breaking in. Second, you can choose frosted glass if you wish, for more privacy.



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