Carpet cleaning and the guide to do a good job about it

When talking about carpet cleaning it generally refers to the removal of dirt and stains from the carpets for the purposes of appearance. Any carpet manufacturing company know that clean carpets are potentially longer lasting, more visually pleasing and most importantly healthier than the poorly maintained carpets. For carpet cleaning to be effectively done there are number of methods that should be used in accordance with the preference of the user and the type of carpet involved. In the following discussion we are going to look at some of the methods that are involved in carpet cleaning Singapore.

Stream cleaning (hot water cleaning)

This is actually one of the best and most suitable methods for washing any carpet. The method is normally done using a specialized portable machine or even sometimes using a mounted truck. When you compare the truck mounted method and the portable machine, the mounted truck has been proven to be better since it can do a more thorough job according to iCleaning. The manufacturers of most carpets recommend stream cleaning as the preferred method of cleaning since it extends the life of a carpet and importantly the carpet is sprayed, and finally vacuumed out.

Dry cleaning

This is actually one of the most common used method for cleaning carpets though it’s the best and most preferred. The most significant thing about this method is that less amount of water is used. The method is mostly popular in areas that receive much traffic and consequently need fast drying time. Its best used as a maintenance carpet clean.

Bonnet cleaning

This is another common method that is used in the form of dry cleaning. The most important thing this method do is that in the process of cleaning, the carpet is vacuumed, a cleaning agent is applied to the cleaner and finally and most importantly the carpet is vacuumed.

DIY carpet cleaning.

This is a method that involves hiring a carpet cleaner and using it yourself to do the cleaning. The method is good though it has its own side effects. Most carpet manufacturers warn against this method of cleaning because there are chances of over wetting your carpet. The positive thing about this method is that the general cost that is involved is reduced through the heavy duty cleaning agent, the spotter, and finally the carpet cleaning machine.

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