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Selecting Right Trans Epi Lasik Surgery

Trans Epi Lasik

Trans Epi Lasik is a surgical procedure in which vision correction is done, however, there is no use of mechanical blade or laser because there is no need for the creation of a corneal flap. The procedure involves the removal of the eye’s top layer which is called epithelium very cautiously and smoothly. Vision correction is then done right after the removal of the epithelium. The layer is replaced with therapeutic contact lenses in order to speed up the healing and also protect the eyes. Selecting the right Trans Epi Lasik surgery involves weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of the various surgical procedures and choosing the best from them.

First, the surgical procedure must be safe for the patient and the complications that arise from it should be rare if none. For example, the patient doesn’t get flap complications or dry eye syndrome. This helps in selecting the safest safe surgical procedure and that the patient does not get postoperative or other long-term complications. The procedure should as well ensure the patient’s comfort through avoiding such discomforts like itchiness. Depending on the patient’s lifestyle and career, they must know that some surgical procedures take longer to heal compared to others include, hence one should choose what suits them the most and gives them good and excellent vision correction.

The patient must also ensure that they know their corneal thickness, shape and pre-existing eye conditions. This helps them select the best surgery that is suitable for their eyes. In addition to that, the patient must also make some decision such as if they want their eye’s top layer removed, whether they want a corneal flap or whether you want dry eyes as some surgeries leave the patient with dry eyes. After looking through such factors keenly, the patient can then decide what surgery suits their eyes and their lifestyle.

Benefits of a 24 hour massage


A 24-hour massage simply refers to a special type of massage that is done to provide long lasting result that may even surpass the 24-hour mark. In most cases, it often entails the working of the body by using sustained pressure that is structured or unstructured to provide various health benefits. More so, the pressure can be applied through various mediums including the hands, elbows, knees and the feet as well.


Long lasting results

The first important benefit of this particular massage technique is that it provides long lasting results, especially when compared to the conventional massage methods. In most cases, the massage therapist will often use special techniques for a longer than normal period of time to provide the 24 hour massage Singapore results.

Improves well being

More so, this type of therapy is also an excellent strategy for enhancing your overall well being as well that can be found in Orchard Massage. In fact, recent studies by psychology today demonstrated the various benefits of this type of massage. This massage technique helps you achieve this through the use of special pressure application methods that eliminate the effects of tension and any accumulated stress hormones in the body.

Natural solution

Besides that, another important benefit of this type of massage is that its regarded as a natural solution for enhancing the overall well-being of an individual. In most cases, the massage therapist will often use natural methods such as the skilled application of pressure to ensure that the client receives the ideal benefits from the entire procedure. There is no use of artificial tools or medications to enhance your quality of life with this technique.


Finally, when it comes to improving your quality of life and settling for a natural solution as well, then you may have to consider 24 Hour massage. The added benefit is that it has been designed to provide long lasting well being results.

How to Select a Good Air Conditioning Service


In most cases, air conditioners malfunction due to neglect by homeowners. Homeowners wait until something goes terribly wrong with their air conditioning system so that they can have it checked. Proper care and routine maintenance is an effective way to get the most from an air conditioner. Air conditioning service involves checking on the air conditioning unit by a professional. It involves air conditioning repair and small maintenance to ensure that the system is in the right condition. This can help homeowners save a lot of money in the long run rather than neglecting the air conditioning unit which is an expensive mistake. Here are tips on how to select a good air conditioning service.

• Choose licensed, insured and bonded experts

When it comes to air conditioning service, ensure that you choose an expert who has all of the sate required licenses and certifications. Certification proves that the experts follow the standards set by the state and as such you are guaranteed of high-quality service. Check on their insurance and ensure it is comprehensive in that it covers your property and the workers so that you will not be held liable in case of an accident. Make a point of comparing different service providers and choose the one who is well certified.

• Reputation

Don’t overlook the reputation of a service provider. Be keen of reviews provided by the service provider to be sure they are not exaggerated. You can visit their website and read the recent reviews and be keen to see if there are complaints. If possible, as for the reviews from the current clients as they help you know what to expect from the air conditioning experts.

• Experience

Another important thing to look for in an expert is their experience in air conditioning units. Ensure that the technician you hire to work on your air conditioner has had the specific training to handle your equipment. Air conditioning units are not similar, and as such not all technicians are certified to handle certain models. Make sure that you know if the technician you spot can handle your model to avoid wasting time and money. Choose a service provider who has been in the industry for a long duration.

• Customer service

Before you commit yourself to a service provider, get to measure their level of customer service. Be keen on how they answer phone calls and also how they behave when they come to your house for repairs. Ensure that you are treated with respected and in the most professional way. Ensure that all your questions are answered in the most convincing way.

• Get quotes

Before signing a contract with your potential service provider, ensure you get a clear and detailed quote for the air conditioning unit maintenance. It is advisable to get quotes and estimates from at least three companies so that you get the best deal.



Benefits of Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass

When you are thinking about replacing your windows, or adding other glass panels in your home, tempered glass is the ideal choice. You will appreciate its benefits.


Tempered glass Singapore is often referred to as safety glass for a reason. When standard glass breaks, the glass breaks into small shards. The tiny shards can easily lodge in your skin, cause pain and bleeding, and are difficult to remove.

You will not have this concern when you choose tempered glass. If it does break, it breaks into round pieces. They will not become stuck in your skin, so there is little risk of injury from broken glass.


Tempered glass is much stronger than standard glass. There is less likelihood that your window or panel will break at all. The glass is made to be strong, so you may never need to replace a broken panel.


Even the strongest glass can break, but it is less inconvenient when tempered glass breaks according to When standard glass breaks, there are large quantities of tiny shards that are extremely difficult to clean up. It is a time-consuming chore with the added risk of injury. The shards can also ruin your broom or your vacuum.

In contrast, cleaning up tempered glass is a quick, easy process. It will not damage your vacuum or broom, and you do not need any special cleaning supplies. It is a simple task that you can take care of within minutes.

Heat Resistance

As tempered glass resists heat, your home will be cooler. This is a special advantage during the summertime. As you will not need to use the air conditioner as much, you will have lower home energy bills.


Tempered glass can help keep your home or deck private. First, as it is difficult to break, it will reduce your risk of intruders breaking in. Second, you can choose frosted glass if you wish, for more privacy.



Carpet cleaning and the guide to do a good job about it


When talking about carpet cleaning it generally refers to the removal of dirt and stains from the carpets for the purposes of appearance. Any carpet manufacturing company know that clean carpets are potentially longer lasting, more visually pleasing and most importantly healthier than the poorly maintained carpets. For carpet cleaning to be effectively done there are number of methods that should be used in accordance with the preference of the user and the type of carpet involved. In the following discussion we are going to look at some of the methods that are involved in carpet cleaning Singapore.

Stream cleaning (hot water cleaning)

This is actually one of the best and most suitable methods for washing any carpet. The method is normally done using a specialized portable machine or even sometimes using a mounted truck. When you compare the truck mounted method and the portable machine, the mounted truck has been proven to be better since it can do a more thorough job according to iCleaning. The manufacturers of most carpets recommend stream cleaning as the preferred method of cleaning since it extends the life of a carpet and importantly the carpet is sprayed, and finally vacuumed out.

Dry cleaning

This is actually one of the most common used method for cleaning carpets though it’s the best and most preferred. The most significant thing about this method is that less amount of water is used. The method is mostly popular in areas that receive much traffic and consequently need fast drying time. Its best used as a maintenance carpet clean.

Bonnet cleaning

This is another common method that is used in the form of dry cleaning. The most important thing this method do is that in the process of cleaning, the carpet is vacuumed, a cleaning agent is applied to the cleaner and finally and most importantly the carpet is vacuumed.

DIY carpet cleaning.

This is a method that involves hiring a carpet cleaner and using it yourself to do the cleaning. The method is good though it has its own side effects. Most carpet manufacturers warn against this method of cleaning because there are chances of over wetting your carpet. The positive thing about this method is that the general cost that is involved is reduced through the heavy duty cleaning agent, the spotter, and finally the carpet cleaning machine.