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Perfect Artwork for Interior


Canvas prints are a popular option for interior decor. They provide a frameless presentation. There are two DIY processes that you can use to customize your artwork.

A canvas print is simply an image that is printed onto canvas. The canvas is usually a thick, durable cotton material. The image may be a stock image or a personal photo from your phone.

One method that is used for canvas prints is to use an inkjet printer and print the image directly onto the canvas. With this method, you need to be especially careful while feeding the canvas into the printer. It is recommended to feed the canvas from the back of the printer.

The other method of canvas printing allows you to create larger prints. Select the photo or image that you wish to use. Then visit a photo lab at a drugstore or mass retailer to have it enlarged and printed on photo paper. You need to buy a canvas that corresponds to the size of your photo. Cover the top side of the canvas with a layer of Mod Podge. Place the print on top of the Mod Podge and smooth out any air bubbles.

With either method, allow the print to completely dry at The drying phase may take as long as twenty-four hours. When the canvas is completely dry, it is stretched around a frame that is known as stretching bars. These frames are available in different shapes and sizes. The thickness of the stretcher bars determines how far your print protrudes from the wall. You can paint around the edges to make the print more interesting.

Canvas printing produces a durable piece of artwork. In order to make it even more durable and fade-resistant, the print needs a coat of Mod Podge. Use long brush strokes to cover the entire print. The Mod Podge dries completely clear. In addition to protecting the print, you have a textured surface that makes your print appear to be hand painted.

The use of canvas prints has several benefits. The weight is much less than a traditional print because there is no glass covering or a heavy wooden exterior frame. You are able to hang the prints almost anywhere. If it accidentally falls, it should not cause any harm. The lack of a traditional frame allows the print to blend better with any type of decor. Canvas prints are suited for humid environments such as bathrooms. They are better choices for brightly lit rooms because canvas prints do not show glare or reflections. Canvas printing allows for the largest size of an image to be displayed on a wall. There is no matting that would cover part of the image. Canvas prints are more economical. They cost less than traditional framed prints especially if you make your own. Canvas printing allows for personalization and creativity. Why use a picture of a place that you have not visited, when you can use canvas printing and a photo from one of your favorite places. Since canvas prints are available in different shapes and sizes, they are the perfect choice for any space.

Canvas printing provides an alternative to traditional artwork. You are able to express yourself in an interesting and personal way. Whether you purchase a canvas prints or make your own. These prints are the perfect artwork for any space.

Why Buy Designer Jewelry?


Designer jewelry has a unique feel to it. When designers are in training, they often learn the craft by studying to become metal smiths first. Then, after gaining this foundation, they can go into gemology to learn how to fashion precious gems into their pieces. Finally, after gaining these tools of the trade, a designer can set about fashioning their own luxury pieces.

When one surveys all the work that goes into designer jewelry, the art of the work can be fully appreciated. Imagine the skill that it takes to fashion at the raw materials into shapes. Then add in the creativity of original work with each piece.

There are designer pieces of jewelry that become so popular that they become the designer’s signature pieces. These designs are popular because many people recognize how special the piece is. Designer jewelry is far superior to mass produced pieces of jewelry that try to copy other’s work and that do not use quality materials. This is why people always ask the wearer the origin of their pieces, unless of course, they suspect that the person is simply wearing cosmetic jewelry

Many stars are paid to wear certain pieces of designer jewelry from for special events where they will be seen and photographed. This obviously shows what a big industry designer jewelry is, and how much people will then seek out the designer jewelry worn by their favorite celebrities. Imagine the outrage people would feel if they discovered that the star was actually wearing a fake. This just goes to show how much people value genuine items of high value as opposed to mass produced copy cats.

So in making good choices for the future, consumers are advised to buy designer jewelry as an investment. The items will not depreciate in value over time, and the wearer can enjoy being a fashion icon.

Guide to Choose a Good Video Production Company


Do you want a good video? If yes, a good production company is the one to make it right. There are many video production companies almost in every corner of the city. You should look into them and come up with the best. For you to get the best company, you have to make a research on various things that a production company should have. Make a detailed research, and the end results will be good.

It is very hard and stressful before coming to a conclusion on the company you want. This article will guide you on the tips on how to choose a good video production Singapore. Some of the things you should consider are:

Kind of Video you Want

If you want to choose a restaurant, consider the type of food you want to eat. Your preferences should be at the forefront. The kind of video you want should be the thing you should consider to come up with the best video. If the company is not familiar with your preferences, you should never give it a second chance or thought. You should immediately look for the company that will handle your needs accordingly.

Video Production Prices

Are expensive videos better than cheap videos? If you think yes you are wrong. You should not go for the company that will charge you the least. If you doubt the prices of the company, you should not go for that because it will end up costing you more. You should look for the reasonable prices and choose the company you trust on the prices.

Reputation of the Company

You should look for the company will always have a good reputation like Circus Max. You can make inquiries more about the company be making more investigation. You can investigate from your family, friends or talk to other people who can help out. You should in no way go for the online recommendations because to some extent they have incorrect information. You should go to the complaint and get the conclusion from that place from their previous clients.

After doing your research, you should follow your heart. If you have two companies in mind, you should drop one and come up with the one you feel the best. Whenever you feel that you are not certain with the company, something is wrong somewhere. Never have doubts on your conclusion. If you think you have doubts, look for another video production company.

Customised Business Gifts Make An Imprint On The Memory


Businesses often give gifts or perks to regular customers, employees and other businesses. It adds a special touch that can make a good impression on the memory of the recipient. It can also be a subtle form of advertising.

Everyone knows about the standard corporate gifts that are often given. Such things as timepieces, pens and mugs are standard in the industry. Most often they bear the name of the business on them. Instead of giving ordinary corporate gifts at your next business event, why not give customised gifts Singapore instead?

How To Customize Your Gifts

Below are some of the ways, suggests that you can go for:

Think unique, rather than ordinary. What happens when you give your best customer an ordinary corporate pen? In most cases, it goes in their penholder with all of their other pens and pencils, and they may forget about it after that. It’s doubtful they will even notice your business insignia when they use the pen.

Try to use a little more creativity when choosing your gifts. Select things that aren’t normally chosen as corporate gifts but could be used by a group of people. Consider the reason for the event as well as the people who will be attending when you purchase your gifts. A theme gift for an event is perfectly appropriate and will make a much deeper impression on the recipients.

Consider age groups as well. The type of gifts you will give to young executives will differ from those you give to older customers. Depending on where you buy, you should be able to get the gift engraved, embroidered or stamped with personal identification. If the gift is for one person only, consider including their first name to further customize the gift.

Thinking out of the box is something entrepreneurs do well. Extend that kind of thinking to corporate customised gifts. Your gift recipients will appreciate the effort.

Preserving Your Precious Memories


From special occasions to celebrating important milestones, photos are what bring us right back to remembering those special times. However, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to do with all of our digital photos. In this digital world we find ourselves in, it is still very important to have a physical photobook to stay connected with all of our memories. With all of the online software programs available for saving and organizing photos, it is extremely easy to create a customized printed photobook. One of the photo software website to choose from is Photogenie. With its easy to use software, there is no excuse not to create photobook.

Photobooks are an essential way to preserve those valuable memories

There are many benefits to using software to create photobooks. Traditional photo albums can take up a lot of shelf space. Printed photobooks are able to store a much larger amount of photos in a way that won’t take up valuable storage space. Many of the companies will keep photos and books stored indefinitely. That way if a book gets lost or destroyed, it is easy to just order another one. These software programs take the guesswork out of trying to figure out how you want to design the book. There are many designs and personal touches to add. Many people enjoy scrapbooking. However, this can be expensive, and for the creatively challenged, very frustrating. Not to mention, tedious and time consuming. It is very affordable to create a printed photobook with software.


We no longer need to worry about what to do with all of our family photos. When it seems as though we are drowning in a never-ending sea of digital photos, we now know there are a variety of online photo software programs to help us. These programs make it easy, fast and fun to organize all of our precious memories. From baby’s first haircut to that cruise to the Bahamas, we can be sure that our photos will look great in a printed photobook. Our families will gain enjoyment for years to come from a printed photobook that we created.