Fabulous and Fun Team Building Activities

Team building activities are one of the best ways to bring the best out in people. Companies, groups and schools are becoming more aware of the benefits of fabulous and fun team building exercises.

Whether they are used as an ice-breaker for new groups of to bring some life and a feel good factor to a team of people who are already familiar with each other, there are team building activities for everyone.

Speed Meeting

Similar to speed dating this is a great icebreaker for people to get to know each other and get the team warmed up. Each person introduces themselves to the person opposite them and then have 90 seconds to find out information about each other. One person then moves on to another participant and the process begins again.

Classic Survival Activity

Set a scenario – the plane crashed or their boat sunk. Now the team needs to work together to figure out which are the most useful items to keep. The catch here is that out of 50 useful items they can only keep 10 and all the team must agree.

Blindfolded Minefield

Items are placed throughout an area. People work in pairs, one partner will verbally guide the their partner through a minefield so that they do not touch any of the scattered objects.

Scavenger Hunt

This is an oldie but a goodie. Items will be hidden, inside or outside depending on where your activities are taking place. Each group is given a list of items to be found and a few clues as to where they may be. Teams must work together and communicate to find all the objects before any of the other groups.


Another old faithful. Teams take turns in acting out a charade and their own members should try and work together to guess what it is.


Like charades each team should try and decipher what a member of their group has drawn. Use Pictionary cards of make some of your own with ideas that relate to your company or group.


This has to be the classic team building game. It can be done outside or if you are inside, a hallway or function room can be used. Use tape or chalk to draw a line. A team gets on each side of the rope and at the count of three start pulling to see if they can pull their opposition over the line. First team to do this is a winner.

Secret Whispers

For something a little more sedate than Tug-O-War, try secret whispers. Each group sits in a circle one person will silently read a sentence which they are to whisper to their neighbour who then passes on this sentence to the person next to them. This goes on until it is whispered to the last person who then repeats what they have been told. Results can be hilarious as it is very rare that the sentence is anything close to what it started out at.

The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy these fun team building activities that will leave everybody feeling great relaxed and refreshed.

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