Hardship in Oil Rig Industry

An oil rig refers to a large structure that is equipped with equipment and facilities to drill wells, identify, extract and process oil and natural gas and/or as a short-term storage facility. The oil rig industry comes with one of the greatest pay for its employees but on the other hand, it comes with great challenges and hardship. With the current oil rig industry hardships, you will be left wondering if it is worth the pay.

This industry operates some of the most sophisticated yet dangerous equipment and material. In this, the risk attached to this is high. Injuries and deaths have been realized in this industry though measures are being put in place to implement safety and reduce the hardship levels. Possible hazards include vehicle collision, caught-in/ caught-between, explosion and fires, falls, machine hazards, as well as confined spaces.

While this industry puts emphasis on use of safety equipment, not all of its employees are provided with the safety equipment. This makes it more difficult to minimize of the possible challenges. Safety equipment wears out but for many, getting a replacement becomes a problem as many oil rig destinations are not located around populated areas. Due to this, this also means that receiving the right medical aid is also a concern for many.

It is also evident that the environment is hostile thanks to extraction of volatile substances. This has led to fires, explosions, and injuries. The explosions are as a result of gas leaks which take time for the employees to identify and control.

Gaining access to basic needs and requirements in areas that are miles from civilizations makes it difficult for survival. Emergencies may not be addressed on time as the workforce may be at the platform as long as a given project is underway.

Hardship in the oil rig industry is yet to be addressed to fulfill workforce needs and wants while at the same time ensuring safety and security. Though the industry is developing and growing, it is evident that it needs to address workforce hardship.

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