Is Having a Treadmill at Home Better Than Running Outside?

Many people argue whether running on the treadmill can be a substitute for running outside. The most common argument is that when running on a treadmill, you don’t face the resistance of wind, making it much easier and lowering the outcome of your routine. Moreover, some believe that it’s unhealthy because there’s not much fresh air and the treadmill itself is not good for your joints. Surprisingly, the research shows something entirely different – so is having a treadmill at home worth it?

Having your own treadmill Singapore is one of the best investments you can make. Running or walking on a treadmill is one of the most efficient ways of burning excessive calories and staying fit. And having one at home, allows you to do that whenever you feel like, without having to pay for gym memberships and losing time to travel to the gym itself. You can run or walk while watching your favorite series on TV, despite the weather outside by getting one from

In fact, despite the stereotypes mentioned above, running on a treadmill doesn’t have to differ in results from running outside. The argument that you don’t get enough wind resistance is quickly abolished by the research which proves that setting the treadmill to just 1% grade accurately simulates the energy you would have to spend while running outside during a mild wind. And what about heavy wind? Well, no one likes running during heavy wind and you don’t have to either – there’s no point in treating yourself that bad besides that having a treadmill at home allows you to run despite the weather outside – so what’s the point in looking for artificial wind?

People argue that owning a treadmill at home and running on it instead of outside of your house doesn’t give you the health benefits of fresh air. Despite the fact, that you can always open a window if you feel like it, in most of the big cities running close to the roads full of cars doesn’t really sound healthy. And, because there are still not many running tracks around cities available for everyone, many people run on harmful surfaces such as pavements which are very unhealthy for their joints whereas the treadmill is optimal for your legs and doesn’t hurt them.

Another great thing which a treadmill can give you is its programmability. You can program the machine, to remember your profile, or simulate the road you would be running, adjusting the incline levels. This allows you to change the “path” that you are running on every day, as opposed to running outside, where unless you decide to run around the city on pavement, you don’t have that big choice of paths. Unless of course you want to spend time in a car driving around to get to a different running track.

Having your own treadmill at home allows you to adjust it to the exact routine that you need, make it losing weight or strengthening your muscles. You can change your track with a click of a few buttons, train despite the rain outside and always have your fluids close to you without having to carry spare bottles of water, what’s particularly useful when running long tracks.

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