Perfect Artwork for Interior

Canvas prints are a popular option for interior decor. They provide a frameless presentation. There are two DIY processes that you can use to customize your artwork.

A canvas print is simply an image that is printed onto canvas. The canvas is usually a thick, durable cotton material. The image may be a stock image or a personal photo from your phone.

One method that is used for canvas prints is to use an inkjet printer and print the image directly onto the canvas. With this method, you need to be especially careful while feeding the canvas into the printer. It is recommended to feed the canvas from the back of the printer.

The other method of canvas printing allows you to create larger prints. Select the photo or image that you wish to use. Then visit a photo lab at a drugstore or mass retailer to have it enlarged and printed on photo paper. You need to buy a canvas that corresponds to the size of your photo. Cover the top side of the canvas with a layer of Mod Podge. Place the print on top of the Mod Podge and smooth out any air bubbles.

With either method, allow the print to completely dry at The drying phase may take as long as twenty-four hours. When the canvas is completely dry, it is stretched around a frame that is known as stretching bars. These frames are available in different shapes and sizes. The thickness of the stretcher bars determines how far your print protrudes from the wall. You can paint around the edges to make the print more interesting.

Canvas printing produces a durable piece of artwork. In order to make it even more durable and fade-resistant, the print needs a coat of Mod Podge. Use long brush strokes to cover the entire print. The Mod Podge dries completely clear. In addition to protecting the print, you have a textured surface that makes your print appear to be hand painted.

The use of canvas prints has several benefits. The weight is much less than a traditional print because there is no glass covering or a heavy wooden exterior frame. You are able to hang the prints almost anywhere. If it accidentally falls, it should not cause any harm. The lack of a traditional frame allows the print to blend better with any type of decor. Canvas prints are suited for humid environments such as bathrooms. They are better choices for brightly lit rooms because canvas prints do not show glare or reflections. Canvas printing allows for the largest size of an image to be displayed on a wall. There is no matting that would cover part of the image. Canvas prints are more economical. They cost less than traditional framed prints especially if you make your own. Canvas printing allows for personalization and creativity. Why use a picture of a place that you have not visited, when you can use canvas printing and a photo from one of your favorite places. Since canvas prints are available in different shapes and sizes, they are the perfect choice for any space.

Canvas printing provides an alternative to traditional artwork. You are able to express yourself in an interesting and personal way. Whether you purchase a canvas prints or make your own. These prints are the perfect artwork for any space.

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