The rise of eCommerce shopping as human behavior changes

In February 2013, United Parcel Service conducted a survey among 3000 participants. 70% stated that they preferred getting their items from their favorite eCommerce shopping site. This is generally the trend everywhere. So why is the 21st century consumer more inclined to order things online than from a physical retail store?

Here’s what it is

A good percentage of consumers ordering items online are those who want to keep their customer identity discreet. This is very common among individuals who order medicine online because they are suffering from a condition the society considers embarrassing. Rather than going through the intimidation of facing an over-the-counter purchase experience, they feel secure doing it online.

Also, it’s a known fact that the mobile device error has contributed to the rise of eCommerce shopping. These days, the number of people accessing the internet using a mobile device is far beyond that which is attributed to desktop users.

People want to do their business on the go, even where shopping is concerned. That’s the main reason eCommerce shopping sites have designed their websites to accommodate this growing trend.

Also, it is a known fact that eCommerce shopping is now becoming even more convenient than traditional brick and mortar shopping with as an example of heartland eCommerce Portal. The act of browsing goods in variety at the comfort of one’s home not only appeals to the consumer, but it also saves energy and time they would have used to visit a physical store. As a result, many consumers who have tried online shopping at least once become hooked up to the cycle.

The challenge

Research has indicated that a small fraction of those who shop online will be disappointed with shipping and delivery stage of their shopping.

When online shoppers are asked to rank their experience in shopping online, they point out a number of issues. Some of them include flexibility of choosing a shipment date, time, or the option of re-routing their orders.

Nevertheless, these are minor concerns that have not kept the modern consumer from ordering items online.

With good internet speeds and access to mobile devices that can do the job easily, rate of online shopping is expected to rise even higher. Also, considering the fact that some eCommerce shopping sites are now making changes in their policies to allow customers the flexibility of returning products to their physical stores, more consumers are feeling confident that this is the next big thing in the shopping arena.

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