What is an Oxygen Analyzer? What is it used for?

An oxygen analyzer is an electronic device that is capable of measuring the ratio of oxygen to other elements in a gas or liquid. It alerts the user to the presence of oxygen and the amount of oxygen present. The Oxygen Analyzer (O2 Analyzer) has a small sensor which analyzes the test area and determines the percentage of oxygen present. It relays this information to a digital display as a numeric percentage. It may also have audible warnings and alarms with limits that can be set by the user. This is vital information for a wide range of technical and safety orientated applications.

Today’s modern combustion engines, scuba diving equipment, medical applications, food packaging safety, government or military equipment and fire protection systems all may have uses for accurately instant analysis of gas or liquid composition. This device accurately presents vital information which is necessary to perform certain tasks safely. This sensor can be placed inside closed networks such as piping or hosing and analyze the composition inside that closed environment which would be difficult to do without such an electronic device.

In combustion engines the combustible fuels, like gasoline and diesel fuel, can only be burned in the presence of oxygen. If there is no oxygen there is no combustion. Modern combustion engines are tuned to specific levels and up to the second oxygen analysis is crucial for optimum performance and efficiency. In this application, oxygen is necessary and quantities of the element must be monitored by an accurate oxygen analyzer. This same technology may be applied to monitor oxygen presence in environments in order to prevent combustion such as; fuel transport piping and fuel storage tanks. These facilities may require low to no presence of oxygen to keep chances of unintended combustion at a minimal.

In many modern settings knowledge of accurate up to the second ratios of oxygen are needed. A high-quality oxygen analyzer is the ideal electronic device to meet those needs.

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