Why Your Kids Need to Visit a Farm

Many children and even some adults today do not have a clear sense of where their food comes from before it reaches the shelves. Groceries are harvested, packaged, and sold in brightly lit stores that reveal nothing about where they originated. It’s no wonder some children — including those who live in rural areas — genuinely believe milk appears in bottles. Recent research by Kingston University in London suggests it is important for schools to organise field trips to the farm, particularly for younger students: the experience is not only educational, but also connects kids to an important yet unseen part of society and their daily lives.

On a farm and outside of the classroom, children can see how people work to produce the food they need. Experts at Kingston say a fun, hands-on afternoon on the farm Singapore teaches kids more than lectures and memorisation could. The University of California says that the farm environment stimulates all the senses, especially touch, smell, and taste, which enhances learning. City kids would enjoy a rare opportunity to see, pet, and possibly feed animals other than household cats and dogs. The farm experience teaches kids why it is important to respect and take proper care of animals and the environment. Studies support that interacting with animals in a positive setting help children become more empathetic adults. They also develop stronger immune systems and have decreased chances of developing asthma, allergies, and other health problems.

Children aren’t the only ones to benefit from visits to the farm. As Kingston researchers point out, children who learn about farms turn to parents, and not only teachers and farmers, with information and questions — this in turn educates the adults as well. Almost 20 percent of parents studied plan to choose more local and seasonal food products in the future, thanks to their new knowledge.

Beyond the educational aspect, farms are simply the perfect place for everyone in the family to walk around outdoors and experience new things such as tractor rides, animal feeding, and fruit picking. Studies suggest being in nature can decrease stress levels by nearly 30 percent, and farms — many of which are located not far from urban centres — offer a taste of nature as it used to be. For a fun, relaxing, and yet educational day, why not visit and support a local farm with the kids?

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